Jeff Bayer
Art / Design / Mobile Games!

tapestry photo sharing app


Google IO Featured Android App

Tapestry is a synchronized photo show-and-tell application that enables you to share your photos, securely and privately from one mobile device to any number of others. Initally leveraging a new technology that is finally stable in Android 4.1(jelly bean), Tapestry lets you connect directly from mobile device to mobile device at wifi speeds without using any infrastructure. After launching at Google IO we switched to allow wifi and data network connections in addition to wifi-direct.




Sudoku for kids

Kidoku is a fun kids sudoku game. Super simple drag and drop game play that increases difficulty levels as you progress through the game. All UI/UX design from concept to app store done by me. Plus development project management.

Google Play - 20,000+ downloads.


Cades Cove

Mobile RTS Game

Full game design from concept to completion. Game play mechanics, user experience and visual design. Currently in development (coming soon to Google Play!). Still waiting for Greg to finish the iOS version when he has some time. jk, let me know if you know anyone who does amazing iOS work (and has some free time). :)

Coming soon to Google Play

cades cove logo


Seriously Easy Sharing

An app designed to do exactly what the name implies; Drop files. Designed specifically to work within the constraints of Android 4.1/4.2 (JellyBean) WiFi Direct limitations, but be able to expand usability to wan/lan functionality.



Personal food reviews iOS app

Re-designing Dealishes started with a basic visual treatment overhaul and tweeks to the layout and user flow. Once we had some consistency of design, I worked on the design of new features and the overall user experience.



P2P Audio Streaming

I re-designed the AudioCast UI and experience to capture the concept of streaming music directly from person to person within a limited proximity (wifi range). The large play button with feedback that you're immediately broadcasting to the field of people around you and that you can instantly listen to the people around you was the core functionality that needed to be captured for this project. Unfortunately, due to development issues this project never got past a prototype and design mock-ups.


airR app


Social Travel App

iOS app UI/UX re-design. Concept work to re-imagine the look of AirR.

airr app

irrigation works


Branding, etc.

Irrigation Works is a great small business that needed a fresh look. I redesigned their logo to be sleek, modern, and capture the essence of what they do; sprinklers. Everything else just flowed from there; simple and elegant designs that are memorable to Irrigation Works' wealthy homeowner clients.
Designs included logo, business cards, stationary, postcards, vehicle/truck graphic wrap, etc.

irrigation works logo