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Fighting For Equality Against The Corruption Of The SFPD And San Francisco District Attorney’s Office

This is a request for help from the state of California and United States Federal Government. I have been beaten, tortured, and raped by San Francisco city employees, extorted thousands of dollars at the direct threat of further violence, and denied simple constitutionally protected due process rights by the District Attorney. Please help me in upholding state and federal laws that have been intentionally ignored and broken by the San Francisco Police Department and San Francisco District Attorney's Office.

I've tried to keep this brief so you can read through and understand the basics of the corruption I experienced in a reasonable amount of time. If you are a state or federal law enforcement agent or prosecutor please contact me for full details. 

All of this is the direct result of being viciously assaulted by previously unknown men (friends of Pauline Zebrowski), and then handcuffed and beaten by SFPD officers to the point where I required serious medical help at SF General Hospital. The SFPD and District Attorney absolutely refuse to take police reports or any action against these officers or anything that in any way contradicts what an officer or ADA has said, even though they contradict themselves and each other regularly. SF has no interest in the truth just their financial bottom line. 


Want to help? Email george.gascon@sfgov.org (George Gascón the SF District Attorney) and demand criminal prosecution of Pauline Zebrowski, her violent friends that jumped me, and the SFPD officers that assaulted and tortured me. If your wondering why he hasn't done anything about this yet (and why there are no consequences for illegal police activity in SF), it's because of this: "Gascón was chief of the San Francisco Police Department from August 2009 to January 2011" - wikipedia.


  • I was arrested on false accusations from Pauline Zebrowski. She signed a citizens arrest and police report, certifying that they are true under the penalty of perjury. As a direct result of her lies I was forcibly denied my unalienable right of freedom. I was forced to pay $20,000 bail (via a bail bond company because I was not allowed to pay my own bail) to escape the violence, threats, and intentional fear mongering perpetrated on her behalf by SFPD and SF Sheriffs department officers. Yet there was no arraignment on that charge. Therefore denying my constitutional right to be faced with my accuser.  I demand state and federal government intervention to protect the rights set forth by the founding documents of our great nation by holding Pauline Zebrowski, the SFPD, SF Sheriffs Department, and District Attorneys' Office criminally responsible for their illegal actions. This is not a civil law matter. Pauline Zebrowski committed a criminal act and must be arrested and prosecuted for her false accusation and the subsequent damages caused by that act.


  • Having already been beaten, screamed at, and denied all basic human rights, the sheriffs department then illegally required me to strip naked and look into my butt (meaning, yes physical objects that should net have been there penetrated me). This is intentional torture. But it didn't stop there. Afraid for my life, and desperately trying to understand why I was being treated this way; I was told I would be transferred to a facility in Oakland that can hold people like me unless I paid bail. This is a direct racketeering business where I was directly threatened and the only way to guarantee my safety was to call and pay the one of the bail bond companies that has a paid advertisement on the cell door. Each and every person involved in the implementation of this system of extortion must be federally prosecuted for racketeering.


  • The following day I sought the council of an Attorney. He called the DA's office to better understand the charges filed (access to police reports was deliberately and illegally withheld and took a direct order from a Judge of the San Francisco Superior Court for the sfpd/DA's office to turn over their police report). The San Francisco District Attorney's Office directly lied to my attorney and I stating that "all charges have been dropped." They then proceeded to ask a judge to place an active bench warrant for my arrest. Better still, the only way I found out about the warrant is the bail bond company calling me to tell me the court has taken their bail money. The DAs office must be held accountable for intentionally terrorizing a citizen of The United States of America. Yes, terror is what I felt, uncontrollably shaking and sobbing while hiding in the back of a closet, when I found out that the police could again attack me because of the district attorneys office lies. They must be held publicly, criminally, accountable for their actions.


  • Courtney Burris must be disbarred from ever working in the legal system.  To further damage my life ADA Burris, repeatedly asked for more court time because my accusers refused to respond to her or the the court for proof of damages.  Having already wasted nearly six months of my life asking the court for extension, she was so desperate to find nonexistent damages she resorted to illegal delay tactics.  For example, she called the case hours outside of the scheduled court time (without me or my council present) and asked for over three months of extension.Following the dismissal of charges alleged by the SFPD, and attempting to file a police report and citizen's arrest against the people who assaulted me. I was directed to the district attorney's investigations office where I was given the run around for weeks. Finally concluding with ADA Courtney Burris calling me personally to tell me that they will not prosecute zebrowski or the people who assaulted me. This is a ridiculous conflict of interest that the attorney acting on behalf of zebrowski would ever contact me or have any say in wether or not to proceed with prosecution against these horrid people. ADA Courtney Burris later provided a letter (see the letter) for Zebrowski to present as evidence in the Civil Case against Pauline Zebrowski for False Arrest.  In that letter, Miss Burris intentionally lies (and makes statements in direct contradiction to what Marshall Khine, Assistant District Attorney, Chief of the Criminal Division has said) in a manner that can only be seen as malicious retaliation and a deliberate act to derail my case against zebrowski and cause further harm. But that's beside the point that Zebrowskis lies are a criminal matter not civil.


  • California State Law requires police officers to assist me in safely filing and executing a citizens arrest. Specifically: "it shall be mandatory that the officer make a good faith effort to inform the victim of his or her right to make a citizen's arrest, This information shall include advising the victim how to safely execute the arrest." The San Francisco Police Department has outright refused to preform their state law mandated duty. They have intentionally done everything possible to stop me from filing a police report and refuse to take a citizens arrest of the people who viciously assaulted me. During my first attempt to file a report (aside from the night I was assaulted) SFPD officer Inspector Lance Bosshard (#1585) went as far as to attempt to bribe me in the form of offering money and goods to convince me to not file police reports. Later that day Sargent Ferrez(spelling?) of mission station (after he read the falsified reports from his fellow officers) tried to intimidate me into leaving the police station by having another large officer with him as he yelled in my face that I'm a liar and illegally refused to take a police report from me. When I reminded him it's illegal for him to not take the report he delegated to desk clerk Williams who wouldn't come out from behind the glass window (as he did for the woman filing a report immediately before me) and subsequently directly lied on the report he wrote, I can only assume at the direction of Sargent Ferrez. As you can see by the printed statement I brought and read to him directly from the paper.


  • I have tried the local channels of pursuing some semblance of justice. The Office of Citizen Complaints (no called the San Francisco Department of Police Accountability), for example, is simply a forum to placate the people the SFPD egregiously wrongs, and then do nothing. While they forced me to sign a non-disclosure agreement under duress, I think it's in the publics interest to understand that they are employed by tax payer money and answer only to the police department. So, after months of them wasting time "investigating", their findings were as follows: There was reason for me to have filed complaints and that they refuse to take action against the officers.  Seriously? What a fucking joke. 

    San Francisco Department of Police Accountability

    The Office of citizen complaints has apparently been renamed the San Francisco Department of Police Accountability. I would assume to shirk the negative press around the previous name.


  • To this day SFPD has refused to investigate, or take any action to bring to justice the violent liars that have permanently damaged my life.  They continue to violate basic state laws to protect the SFPD officers that nearly murdered me that terrible day. I will sign a citizens arrest form immediately for the civilians and officers that viciously assaulted and tortured me. Justice and equality demands that they are arrested, booked, and held for criminal prosecution. 



I refuse to live in a world where these people are allowed to get away with what they did to me. And what they continue to do to all of us by intentionally undermining the foundational laws and rights set forth by our great nation.


"whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it..."

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