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Four Years

Today marks four years since I was assaulted in the mission area of San Francisco. Four years since a woman lied and had the SFPD beat, torture, and rape me. Four years since the so called "justice system" extorted thousands of dollars from me at the direct threat of further violence. Four years since the Assistant District Attorney intentionally violated constitutionally guaranteed human rights to cover up her own wrong doing and to let Pauline zebrowski walk away from the lies she told the police to protect her boyfriend and other male friends that attacked me. Lies that nearly killed me. Lies that the SFPD used as reason to torture and rape me.

The District Attorney of San Francisco has intentionally denied my 6th amendment right of due process, there by undermining the foundational documents of our great nation. There is no gray area here. This is treason.


To this day the SFPD refuses to take an incident report from me or allow me to file a citizens arrest against the people who attacked me. A direct violation of California state law and a gross over reach of the SFPD and District Attorney colluding to enact selective enforcement to cover up the crimes of their coworkers .


Each and every SFPD officer is equally guilty for not immediately taking and executing a citizens arrest of the officers who tortured and raped me.


George Gascon and Courtney Burris must be arrested and prosecuted for Treason.


Fortunately, California state law tolls the statute of limitation when evidence and criminal prosecution is intentionally suppressed. So I will continue pursuing justice as long as it takes to see the people who assaulted me and the criminal city employees are fired and jailed for their crimes.


Demand equality, demand justice. 

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