August 23, 2016

PicsArt App UI/UX Design Review

I was asked by the PicsArt design director to "have a couple slides reviewing PicsArt and suggesting a few improvements (with some limited visual design)" in regards to a senior mobile UX designer role.

Here are my slides to be used as talking points with their team. Get past the bugs section for some great design insights.

Flip through the slides in full screen mode. It's better.


The first step in this process was the easiest. Be the user. Test everything. But wait, what are the actual use cases for this product? Editing photos via my mobile device seems to be the most obvious reason to download and try the app. Then there's the various other functions, sharing, potentially engaging with other people on via the app, and then my own profile and platform shared images to have other people engage with my creations. Attempting to use the app from these perspectives quickly runs into problems.

The main challenge that arose when looking over PicsArt was knowing where to start and where to stop because of how much was broken, poorly designed, repetitive, or confusing to use. Then, of course, how to get all that information into easily consumable slide form to use as talking points for meeting with some of the PicsArt team.

The outcome of the app review was a large amount of great user experience and interface insights for immediately actionable design changes and long term improvement of the PicsArt flagship product. That is, in addition to actual bugs and crash reports.


PicsArt - See slides above for more info.