October 12, 2015

YELP helps SF gov suppress public safety information

YELP Removed my reviews of The Office of Citizen Complaints, Mission District Police Station, and The San Francisco District Attorney's Office.

Given the specific reviews removed it seems the SFPD and San Francisco District Attorney’s Office is trying their best to cover up any trace of what various people employed by the city have intentionally done to cause me severe physical and financial damage. Deleted along with the YELP reviews were several “compliments” about the posts stating by others that they were also wronged by these specific SFPD criminal officers. While the email from Yelp claims they were removed due to “promotional content”, the reviews are not notably different from my restaurant reviews other than that they pertain to organizations paid through government taxes.

yelp email about removing negative reviews of SF government employees

yelp email about removing negative reviews of SF government employees and agencies

Removed Content:

Office of Citizen Complaints: The Office Of Citizen Complaints is a failed attempt to placate the people that the SFPD egregiously wrongs and a waste of time and tax payer money. I demand the immediate arrest and criminal prosecution of the SFPD officers that viciously assaulted me.


Mission District Police Station: The officers I've had the displeasure of meeting or speaking to on the phone are not in any way interested in upholding the law, investigating crimes, or in any way pursuing justice.

Officers Cuadro, Poespowidjojo, and Cota are absolute scum and guilty of felony perjury, aggravated assault, kidnapping, intentional torture, and accessories to rape.

After being attacked by several male friends of an ex these officers viciously beat me while handcuffed on the ground. After being taken to the emergency department via ambulance for multiple X-rays and a CT scan of my head: I was railroaded to jail on lies of charges (that were dismissed by the Superior Court of California) including resisting arrest. I had just been assaulted and was on the ground. I was physically and mentally incapable of resisting anything much less multiple violent, armed, and malevolent police officers. The only thing I managed to say before they brutally slammed my head against the sidewalk and wrenched my handcuffed arms up behind me was that "my dad is NYPD". Which (being a, now retired, 30+ year veteran of NYPD) he told me to do if I was ever stopped or detained my any police for any reason. Specifically my father told me: 1. follow any instructions given 2. inform them that my dad is NYPD 3. as for a lawyer. Simple as that. The officers responded by yelling "NYPD isn't gonna help you here" and slamming my face into the cement.

These officers, their superiors, and SFPD are responsible for, at least, hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage and permanent physical and emotional trauma.

I demand nothing less than the immediate arrest and criminal prosecution of the three people named above and all other officers that were in any way involved.

Read the full incident report here:

District Attorney: The San Francisco district attorney's office and Ada Courtney Burris must be held criminally accountable for intentional selective prosecution.



These people are criminals and must be held accountable. Arrest (including hospitalization via SFPD police beating), incarceration, and prosecution of each and every person mentioned in the articles above is absolutely necessary for equal treatment under the law.

Anything less is intentional selective prosecution and must be pursued for disbarment of any and all persons even remotely involved in or overseeing this case for the San Francisco district attorney's office.

I replied to their email that these reviews are not promotional and a matter of significant concern to public safety. Automated email failure response from yelps email address.

I’ve reposted the reviews, we’ll see if they stay for more than a couple months this time.