Safe Torrent Scanner

Product Design


For: BitTorrent | Lavasoft
Role: Product Design

One of the main lingering problems of torrenting is finding torrents that are correctly labeled and safe to download. 

Unfortunately, directing users to the Pirate Bay and telling them to look for the VIP and helper icons for safer torrents is legally spicy. One solution to this issue was partering with Lavasoft to create the Safe Torrent Scanner. A Google Chrome extension that analyses each torrent for known viruses and malware in addition to parsing out torrent data to something more user friendly. Like video quality, language, and file type. If you have a streaming video torrent client installed, you can then one click stream any video or audio media file instantly. Easy peasy.

safe torrent scanner chrome extensionsafe torrent scanner chrome extension

Special thanks to Frank @ BitTorrent and the guys at Lavasoft for all your amazing input & feedback to make this happen.