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For: ALS Association, BitTorrent, Tron
Role: Design

Working with amazing people at BitTorrent & the ALS Assocation to visually bring the #VoiceYourLove campaign to life has been an amazingly rewarding experience. Not only that I could contribute to helping raise huge amounts of money for the ALS Association and finding a cure for ALS. Working with the team that brought all the moving parts together for such a huge project has been great to be a part of and grow from their passion for finding a cure.


#VoiceYourLove is a campaign to raise awareness of ALS and one of its many debilitating symptoms: losing the ability to speak.

We’re on a mission to uncover a cure while serving, advocating for, and empowering people affected by ALS. We challenge you to get involved by making a donation and voicing your love to those important to you.


BitTorrent and TRON TeamBitTorrent and TRON Team

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