Role: UI/UX Design   Client: Polymath Innovations


WISLR is a mobile first social app intended exclusively for high school students. My role was to re-design the basic product that Polymath Innovations had built and was testing. The role also required me to integrate significant new features into their existing user flows while improving the overall user experience and visual design of the interface.

Design challenges included making the app invite only and coppa compliant (privacy standards for under 18 age groups). Under the direction of the company founder this became a complex app with lots of features and a product name that changed regularly. Some of those features included question asking and answering by the users within a school or sub-group, messaging, commenting, user profiles, school/class year book and student lookup, clubs and sports teams, and even other apps entirely (like stkr, an app for making stickers of your own face). Working with an outsourced development team overseas that struggled to understand anything beyond pre-built iOS functions also presented a significant communication and implementation challenge.  

The designs I created were a success in nicely integrating lots of features into a smoothly functioning and beautiful looking app. And, obviously, a drastic improvement over their previously released product.